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Now book an appointment for an eye exam in Fall Church, VA online and consult the experienced eye doctors. We at Drs. May, Hettler & Associates, have got the best team of eye doctors in Fall Church, VA. All of our optometrists are experienced and certified to deliver the highest quality eye care treatment services.

Dr. Parker T. May and Dr. David H. Hettler are our founding members and lead the team of optometrists. Our associate eye doctors are licensed by the Virginia Board and are well-versed with the latest diagnostic & treatment equipment. With years of experience in the field of optometry, we at Drs. May, Hettler & Associates assure you satisfactory eye care treatment services without breaking your banks.

Our optical laboratories are equipped with advanced eye testing equipment and computerized machines. No matter, what’s the problem with your eyes; our doctors can always diagnose the issues in no time and will suggest you the best remedies & solution. From children to senior citizens, everyone can book an appointment with us for an eye exam in Falls Church, VA.

How Can Drs. May, Hettler & Associates Help You?

We offer a wide range of eye care treatment services for the convenience of our patients. We have helped many individuals in resolving their eye issues and have set a trustable reputation in the Falls Church, VA. Not only in Falls Church, but you can also find our offices in other locations like Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Lake Ridge, Sterling, Manassas, and Franconia.

Check the below-mentioned eye care treatment services.

For eye exams in Falls Church, VA, look nowhere else other than Drs. May, Hettler & Associates. We have got the best setup for eye checkups in our optical lab. With the help of advanced eye-testing equipment, it is feasible to detect the issues quickly. We understand the importance of fast & accurate diagnosis of eye problems, and accordingly ensure you reliable treatment & consultations. From common eye infections to Glaucoma & Cataract, our eye doctors in Falls Church, VA can diagnose every eye problem without any doubt.

Once the eye problems are diagnosed, our doctors make no further delay in initiating the treatment process. It doesn’t matter, how serious is the eye problem, we assure you an appropriate solution to recover quickly. Our advanced eye care treatment services are widely appreciated in Northern Virginia. Drs. May, Hettler, & Associates also accept most of the medical insurance plans for your eye treatment.

In our optical laboratory, we create customized power glasses and sunglasses as per the vision needs of patients. Our eye doctors in Falls Church, VA keenly check the eye power of our patients with computerized equipment and provide accurate vision needs. You can choose from a wide variety of frames, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and much more from our store. For better durability and product quality, we offer optical products of reputed brands only. No need to worry about any scratches or damages, as we use scratch resistant and anti-reflective lenses.

Special Eye Care Treatment Services in Falls Church, VA

Apart from regular eye problems like red eyes, infections, and vision issues, there are some sensitive eye cases. Any delay in treatment can cause severe damages to the eyes. We at Drs. May, Hettler & Associates, understand the need for special eye care treatment and accordingly have got an experienced team of eye doctors in Falls Church, VA.

Check our special care services below.

Amblyopia is a vision development disorder, in which the eye fails to read normal visuals, even with the power glasses or contact lenses. Such eye complications affect only one eye and are mainly observed in the childhood phase. Early diagnosis and intervention is the most feasible way to treat such complexity. We conduct regular eye exams in Falls Church, VA to identify patients with Amblyopia.

Low vision issues are very common in older adults. Such eye problems are very complicated and need special treatment. We have expert eye doctors in Falls Church, VA, who are trained & certified for low vision eye care treatment. From diagnosis to recovery, our doctors will guide you throughout the entire process and ensure 100% satisfaction.

The visual system of children needs special care and treatment. It is often observed that, children never complain about their eye problems and the complications tend to increase with age. Here, at Drs. May, Hettler & Associates, our eye doctors use special techniques to accurately assess the visual defects of children.

Why Choose Drs. May, Hettler & Associates For Eye Care Services In Falls Church, VA?

  • Trustable eye care service provider in Falls Church, VA

  • Wide ranges of eye care treatment services for patients of every age group

  • Special care and treatment for children of 2 years or above

  • Certified and experienced eye doctors in the team

  • Computer-based eye strain examinations & diagnosis

  • Use of advanced technology & equipment in the optical lab

  • Accepts almost every medical insurance plans & benefits

  • Best quality optical products with an unconditional guarantee

Treatment Services in Falls Church

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